Saturday, April 2, 2011

Daily Videos[04.02.11] Our favourite Youtube videos this week

Weekend is such fine day to be with which is all about relax & let yours mind calming down.
I've been a SONE since Gee promotional time which is around two year+ ago, the 'Gee' virus simply irresistible and it got me in just a split second when I first heard about this song. Since then, the "Gee' rhythm has stuck in my head forever and now. Recently, I've been surfing across Youtube for SNSD old videos which I've missed, surprisingly I found so many entertaining & great videos especially some  Taeyeon's awesome live singing footage during radio programme.
Today, we'll like to write a new post which it gonna share some interesting & entertaining videos that we found within a week. Some videos you might viewed it before, but no harm to watch it again right :)
OK~~~ Let's go to view these videos now~~

First song called 'Waiting / 기다리다 (Gidarida) a lovely ballad song composed & sung by Younha. Totally 5 Star*****.  Personally I think Younha really is a underrated singer, because she got great vocal & composed talents, and her singing is one of my favourite among Kpop singer. Hope in future, more people will get to know more about her~~~, Younha hwaiting~~~ ^__^.

Acoustic version of 'Waiting'~~ really nice~~:)

Taeyeon performed cover of this song (waiting) alone at Chinchin. Taeyeon sing it very well especially her low deep charming voice and overall stability is enough to earned her 5 star***, the best Kpop Idol Girls' Group vocalist ever indeed~~ ^^.

Sweet Taeyeon having fun with Kangin dog ^^, she looks so adorable & her expression are priceless~~:)

Below video is a group of Japanese High school girls performed SNSD hit song 'Gee' , and they made a quite good cover for this and the ending is sweet :). 日本のファン皆さん、お疲れ彼様でした、素晴らしいカバーです!

YEAH~~Tiffany:" Put it back on~~~~ ^^"

The last video i would like to share is none other than the most talented Korean guitarist 'Jung Sungha',  previously there is a post which introduced he has arranged & performed SNSD 'hoot' song at his house. After that, Sungha took it to another level by performing this song at Hongdae V-Hall,Korea, Jjang~~~^^.

Videos credit to jwcfree,Treetopfan,sonex9, cherub2696 ,miyachant,kpoper@youtube
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